Save gas in your car

Speed ​​and fuel consumption
The faster you drive and the more your engine is working, the more it consumes fuel. To save on gas, it is better to drive slowly, avoid unnecessary speed and, above all, accelerate gradually in order to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Avoid unnecessary detours
To save gas, it’s better to get straight to the point than to roll around unnecessarily. The fuel drops quickly in the tank so if you drive here and there for no reason, you will quickly lose your fuel.

When you go out for commissions by car, why not plan all your trips and the best route to avoid wasting time on the road and especially to avoid spending fuel unnecessarily.

Do not accelerate too fast
When you stop your car at a red madman or at a stop for example, it is better to go then quietly rather than leave at full speed. So the engine will force a lot less and it will also be better for your fuel economy.

A simple trick to follow to dramatically reduce fuel consumption effectively.

Carpool to reduce consumption
Nowadays, gasoline is extremely expensive! To save fuel, why not opt ​​for carpooling when possible? By carpooling, you’ll save on gas. Thus, you can also share the gas costs with others which is very interesting at a time when the cost of oil is high.

Watch out for the pressure of your tires
It is very important to regularly check the pressure of your tires. Tires provide rolling resistance on the road according to the ground contact area. The reduction of this surface improves the ride and thus saves on the gasoline used in the car.

The simple fact of driving with tires that lack of air can increase fuel consumption by 5 to 10%, it’s huge!

Refuel instead of gassing repeatedly
Often, we prefer to save our money by putting only a small portion of gasoline at a time in our car. We think we save, but in fact, this essence disappears so fast that you are caught returning several times a week. At $ 10, for example, the bill rises faster than you think. Not to mention the time and the essence that we take to make a detour to the gas station. Refueling is better if you want to save fuel in the short term.

Put gas in the regions
If you live close to the areas surrounding the city or if you go for a walk, it is better to think about refueling there since very often gasoline will be cheaper here.

Buy an economical car
There are more and more high-fuel-saving cars on the market. Opting for a small economy car is a good option for saving gas day after day. Cars that consume less we will certainly save financially since they will cost less expensive gasoline.

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